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June 28, 2016 - Comments Off on “Eject” for Splendor Magazine

“Eject” for Splendor Magazine

Glasses: Kirk + Kirk provided by Gogosha Optique
“EJECT” (Los Angeles)
Creative Director & Photographer: Taner Tumkaya /  / IG: tarfilms
Stylist: Jillian Cainghug  /   /     IG: j_fraiche
Hair and Makeup: Christopher Miles /  /   IG: cmilesmakeup
Model: Jessie Li / LA Models
Production Assistant: Naomi Montes   IG: naomi.montes

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February 11, 2015 - Comments Off on As Seen On…
Kristen Stewart

As Seen On…
Kristen Stewart

  • Kristen Stewart BEFORE Gogosha
  • Kristen Stewart AFTER Gogosha
  • Kristen Stewart in Clouds of Sils Maria
  • Kristen Stewart wearing Garrett Leight sunglasses from Gogosha
  • Kristen Stewart wearing SALT Optics sunglasses from Gogosha
  • Kristen Stewart wearing Garrett Leight sunglasses from Gogosha

Part of what we love about being opticians is helping people discover themselves through eyewear. Case in point: Twilight and Still Alice actress Kristen Stewart came into Gogosha about a year ago, looking for an eyewear upgrade. Prior to her visit, she had been wearing licensed, mass produced sunglasses anyone could buy at the mall that didn’t do much for her face, or for her cool personal style.  It was time for an update.

Enter these amazing “flip-up” sunglasses from Japanese brand, Yellows Plus. With a focus on fine craftsmanship and design, these handmade frames are casual enough for Kristen to wear day-to-day, but add a layer of sophistication and style. When she put these frames on she just knew; we all did.

Since her first visit, Kristen has bought ten pairs of glasses from Gogosha, ranging from sunglasses for Paris Fashion Week (Salt Optics) to a new favorite pair that she took on vacation (Garrett Leight). The actress is even wearing a pair of optical frames purchased from Gogosha in her latest film, Clouds of Sils Maria. We love it when she comes in because she’s always super sweet, kind, and real AND remembers details of our previous conversations. She’s just our kind of girl.

We love the way Kristen rocks these Garrett Leight Lincoln frames that she bought from Gogosha. The Venice-inspired shades combine cured acetate with stainless steel, to re-create an iconic 1950s style. Paired with the suit and hot pink lipstick, this is a look we want to see more of!

Just the other week, Kristen came into our Silverlake boutique, and picked up a new pair of Garrett Leight Kinney sunglasses. She was soon pictured wearing them on the beach in Malibu during an outing with BFF Alicia Cargile – and they’ve been her go-to pair ever since.

For us, it’s always exciting to have a repeat customer, but it’s even more exciting to see her personal style evolution through our frames. Kristen’s style has always been “classic with a twist” and instead of trying to change her and make her into something she’s not, we’ve helped to refine her eyewear choices just slightly, finding menswear-influenced frames that fit her aesthetic, while maintaining a feminine edge. Think thinner profiles, keyhole bridges, softened angles and a neutral color palette.

At the end of the day, eyewear is personal; so whether you’re an A-list actress or a just your unique self, it’s important to find frames that not only fit your face – but your personality and style as well. That’s where Gogosha comes in. Think of us as a consultant-slash-stylist. Give Gogosha a little bit of time and an open mind, and we’re confident that we will deliver a Kristen Stewart-style upgrade for your eyewear collection as well!